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Welcome to the Krewe of Centaur's Membership Page. The Krewe of Centaur membership is open to the general public so reserve a place at the Party and on a float today!
The Online Membership Form may also be used to pay renewing memberships and throw packages.

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Why should I join the Krewe?

The Krewe of Centaur is a non-profit organization, established in 1991, dedicated to the following goals:

  • The development of the Mardi Gras Carnival season in Shreveport and Bossier City.
  • The economic and cultural development of Shreveport and Bossier City.
  • The commonwealth and fraternity of the Krewe's membership.

Giving our home town the biggest and brightest party of the year to celebrate life and family.
Many residence in our community have ties to south Louisiana and have enjoyed the fun of Mardi Gras throughout their lives. Celebrating Mardi Gras in Northwest Louisiana encourages people from east Texas and Arkansas, who might not otherwise travel down to New Orleans, to join the festivities a little closer to home. The money spent at restaurants, hotels and businesses help our economy. That is the big picture, but what about each of us individually? Why do people join the Krewe? And why should you join the Krewe of Centaur?

Queen's ChoiceFirst of all it is FUN! We are known far and wide as the "Fun Krewe"! The parties, the grand Bals, the throngs of crowds begging for your attention, the new friends and relationships, just good times and memories!

Most of the people in the Krewe joined knowing few if any people in the Krewe. They joined just because this is something they wanted to be a part of. Life today keeps us busy with job and home responsiblities; we don't have the time to develop friendships. People are looking for organizations where they can develop friendships, let their hair down a little, have some fun and help their community all at the same time. The Krewe of Centaur offers this to every member.

How much does it cost me?

You will be surprised just how little it does cost to be a member of the Krewe of Centaur, the largest Mardi Gras Krewe in north Louisiana. Dues are only $150 per person a year ($100 membership and a $50 den assessment). Membership includes the opportunity to ride a throwing float (beads are extra) or be in a walking - marching group in the parade, attendance to monthly meetings, full voting privileges, Krewe parade liability insurance, Float Den rental discounts, monthly newsletters, float group parties and events throughout the year, discounted ticket costs to Krewe parties and events through out the year (past years included Centaur nights at the Captains and Mudbug games, the Centaur Day at LA Downs). Our big events each year include the Centaur Mid-Way to Mardi Gras Party, the Centaur Halloween Party, the Centaur Grand Bal, the Centaur Golf Tournament, the free float loading party the night before the parade and float staging party the day of the parade.

Yearly membership runs from April 1 through March 31, every year, so the sooner you join the more value you receive. Due to our membership size, in excess of 500 members, float ridership privileges are treasured and are becoming harder and harder to come by so the sooner you join in the new Mardi Gras year, and sign up for a position, the more likely it is you will find a float position.


How do I join?

The easiest way to join the Krewe of Centaur is by signing up using our Online Membership Form. You can also sign up at one of our monthly meetings. Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month, at 6:30 pm, at the NEW DEN at the Krewe of Centaur property on North Market at Aero Drive, in Shreveport. Ask for a membership form at the door or just come in and visit a while.

How do I get on a float?

Riding a Float and throwing to the throngs of eager people is one great thrill of a life time. But, ridership is a privilege not a right of Krewe membership. Because we have a large membership there is a limited number of rider positions open each year, so joining early and signing up for a position early is the best way of assuring yourself of a position on a float in this years parade. You can sign up for a position at any Krewe meeting or by indicating your desire to be assigned to a float on your membership form.

Float costs include purchasing a minimum Krewe throw package and costume costs. These costs may change from year to year or may depend upon your float group. Since each float designs and produces their costume each year some may be more costly than others. Each float group may decide to throw a specialty throw in addition to the basic throw package. Also, the float group may ask for a special fee to do something really spectacular on their float in a particular year that is in excess of the basic decoration budget provided by the Krewe. These are also reasons to get on a float as soon as possible and participate in the groups meetings and activities, so you can have a say in what the total costs are. The basic throw package for adult members is $350. A deposit of half the cost is due by the Krewe's June membership meeting and the remainder is due by the Krewe's October membership meeting. You should expect an average costume cost of $50. The Jester

Once you are have been assigned a float throwing position on a float you can expect to keep that position as long as you want it, that is if you renew your membership each year by May 1st, you make your throw payments on time and adhere to the Krewe's parade rules and regulations. The Board of Directors does reserve the right to change riding positions, but these instances are rare and only done in the best interest of the Krewe.


Our online membership - dues payment, is for both, new members and returning-renewing members and both can be done ONLINE. You can join ONLINE, or you can download a paper membership application, complete it, and bring to our next membership meeting (check our website front page for next meeting date -- its usually the 3rd Monday of every month). To join online, (or RENEW your membership for returning members) you need a credit card and an email address (All members must have a 'unique' email address ... therefore family members cannot share an email address). To complete this process, go to our HOME page and scroll down the left column and click REGISTER at the log-in menu, or click the link below. You'll be given the opportunity to complete your profile information, and enter your credit card info ... and you're DONE! Each member (or each family member, must register separately, no group registrations.  After completing your order check out, that information will be transferred to the Krewe Treasurer, and you'll be contacted by the Membership Committee. ... See ya' at the next meeting!

Welcome to the Krewe of Centaur!

Take me to the Bead Room and Sign Me UP!

OR ... you can download the Membership Form here (PDF format), complete it and bring it to the next meeting or mail it in with your dues payment.

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